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An act of Love

I am taking on the Whole30 challenge, you heard right. I am currently surrounded by an amazing community - many of whom are at some stage of this challenge as well. They fill my life with the love and support to really take this on, with integrity. It is the ultimate act of love - nourishing my body in a way that shows respect. To discover what is there for me in a life with out dairy, sugar and processed foods. I know that this will not be easy - I do not like to restrict my eating. I LOVE to cook and I see making a meal for family and friends as an act of love and self expression. Last night, listening to my friend Hana speak to the self love and worth that she has discovered in the eating plan - it hit me. If not now, WHEN?

Not gonna lie folks. I am scared I will not have the hutzpah to really do this “all in”. I am weak…. I’ve had a love affair with pasta for decades. I have a kitchen full of food that I can’t eat for 30 days, I hate waste. ARGH!!! This is really confronting for me. AND I’m off it. 

I LOVE butter, hey I’m Irish. I have A LOT of butter in the house that I didn’t want to waste…. so this morning I made clarified butter for the first time. Clarified butter is on the plan, thank heavens!! Once you remove the dairy proteins all you have left is really good fat. Yum.

Let the adventure begin!

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